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‘It Has Seamed Like War Today’ – The Civil War Letters of William D. Walton

  • ‘It Has Seamed Like War Today’ – The Civil War Letters of William D. Walton
It Has Seamed Like War Today: The Civil War Letters of William D. Walton. Edited by Clarence J. Murphy, Candace McGreevy and Mary Ann Mogus. 2007. Softcover, 6 inches x 9 inches, 89 pages.
Published by the Monroe County Historical Association.
William Walton (1839-1923) was born in Stroudsburg, Pa. A devout Quaker and pacifist, he felt the patriotic need to enlist in the hospital corps of the Union Army in 1861, where he cared for ill and wounded soldiers while never inflicting a wound on anyone himself.

Pvt. Walton was a prolific letter writer, relating his daily life in the military through letters to his friends and relatives in Stroudsburg — More than 30 letters that survived were compiled for this book, which paints a picture of the monotony of waiting for action and the horrors he experienced when it happened.

He eventually returned to Stroudsburg, raised a family with his wife, Mariam, worked as a laborer, and served two terms as the postmaster of Stroudsburg. His home at the corner of S. Seventh Street and Ann Street became the site of the Stroudsburg Post Office.

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‘It Has Seamed Like War Today’


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